Bachelor of Literature and Fine Arts, Copenhagen University l979.

Fragile travels,  poems, Vindrose, Copenhagen l995

House of hearts – drafts for a film’s universe, Klim , Århus 2oo2

Diploma in Turkish Language, Copenhagen University l997

Member of the Executive Committee: National Film Board of Denmark 1986-1990 Chairman : Danish Film Directors l992


Film & Television: Director and scriptwriter on l9 productions: feature films, television drama, short fiction, documentaries, children’s productions.


Take it Like a Man , Madam! - 1976, feature film.

An ironical comedy about the oppression of women.

Shown with great success in Denmark, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan.

Shown on TV, in cinemas. Screened at festivals and recipient of numerous awards.


Am I lying? l978, television drama.

A woman talks about her life, lying about her personal story and passing on the lies of society and its official history as written down in history-books.

Shown on television in Scandinavia , IN-put Washington.


A Job Offer in Nazi Germany  -  l986, 60 min. documentary.

An elderly worker unfolds a hidden part of Danish history which took place during World War II. Screened at festivals: among them, Mannheim, Special guest Hamborg Metropolis.


Heart of Glass - l988, 60 min. fiction

The story of a divorce seen from the perspective of the two children involved.

Screened in cinemas, at festivals: among these Mannheim.


The Landscapes of Childhood - l992, 60 min. documentary.

How childhood can influence our grown-up life, a woman tells her story.

Shown on television, at cinemas and screened at festivals.


Between the Mountains and the Sea -1994, 60 min. documentary

A portrait of one of Denmark’s most outstanding poets: Henrik Nordbrandt – about his poems and his life in Turkey. Screened at festivals, and televisions -  in Turkey TRT.

The Sky is the Limit - l996, 52 min. documentary

Portraits of ten women fighting for human rights in Pakistan.

Screened at the National Museum of Art, Denmark, screened on television, and at The World Congress for Women in Bejing.


House of dreams - l997, 25 min. documentary

Three children talk about their dreams and about what matters in their lives. Screened at festivals and shown on television.


House of  Hearts - Omfavn mig Måne - Gönlümdeki Kösk olmasa   

2oo2, 87 min. Feature Film

A drama of a Turkish family, now settled in Denmark. Through the childhood memories of a young Turkish musician -  now living in Denmark - we experience through his eyes how Turkish music, poetry and nature formed his life. The film unfolds a universal story of loss and love.

Producer: Zentropa /.Eurimage.Co-producer Alfa Film.


Received 3 prizes at Turkeys important Filmfestival, Antalya ( The "Golden Orange" Filmfestival ) : Jurys special prize for the film, for the maincharacter,

Bora Akkas and a prize for the  best filmmusic, Mazlum Cimen. Nominated for Danish Robertprizes. Shown at the CairoFestival, London, Lucas Festival a.o.